Doces Xodó began its activities in 1991 in the city of Altônia, Noroeste Paranaense, dedicating itself to the industrialization of dulce de leche. It started with just one employee and a pot where the candy was made by hand. After a year she hired another female employee.

With the good acceptance of the product it was necessary to automate the process, where the dulce de leche began to be made in the steam bins.
In 1994, with the intention of increasing the mix of products, Doces Xodó began to industrialize also creamy sweets in the flavors (pumpkin with coconut and guava).
Since 1999 he has been working in new facilities in the industrial park of São Jorge do Patrocínio in Paraná, where he comes every day investing in technology and quality of his products.
The company currently has nine flavors in its product mix. (Sweet milk, dulce de leche with chocolate, dulce de leche with coconut, dulce de leche with plum, sweet of pumpkin with coconut, sweet of guava, sweet of banana, sweet of strawberry and sweet of grape).
Sweets Xodó

Our mission

"To meet the food needs of its consumers, using a selected raw material and a strict quality control in its production."
Our vision

"The company differentiates itself by the image of its brand, par excellence in services, innovation and product quality."

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